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Motorcycle Service

A service is a set procedure to adjust and check / replace the components on the motorcycle. This can be a full, intermediate or minor service, but depending on the age and mileage done this will give an indication of the service you require. Every motorcyle is different so please call to find out what service is right for you and what this would involve.


Our labour rates are the cheapest around at only £60 inc VAT (Main dealer prices much higher). 

Motorcycle Repairs

A Motorcycle Repairs is to find and resolve a problem with the motorbike through repairing or replacing a part. A service may not resolve a specific problem so when you book your bike in please ensure you give as much detail as possible to the mechanic can help with the service and or repair.

We can provide estimates of motorbike repair costs, please call us for more details

Insurance Estimates

If you require an estimate for the damage and costs to your motorbike for an insurance claim, then we can help you with this. Please call us to arrange for a mechanic to provide a free insurance quote.